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300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries

300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries
300L per tank
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Outer tank:2mm Inner tank:3mm/4mm/5mm
Cooling way
Dimple jackets around wall and cone
Test pressure:0.4Mpa
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
35 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
An detailed instruction of 300L 3hl beer fermenters for microbreweries,brewpubs and restaurants.If you want to learn more about the price,please send us inquiry!
300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries

300L 3HL conical beer fermenters for microbreweries

In the heart of every microbrewery, a symphony of flavors, creativity, and craftsmanship unfolds. To elevate this intricate dance of ingredients into a perfected brew, the right equipment is crucial. Introducing the 300L (3HL) Conical Beer Fermenter—an indispensable tool designed to bring precision and excellence to the microbrewing process.


This is 300L 3hl beer fermenter for microbreweries.The 300L beer fermenters is made of top quality stainless steel 304 material,outer tank thickness is 2mm,inner tank thickness is 3mm,there is 80mm insulation between the two layers.There are dimple cooling jackets around the inner tank,welded around the inner wall and bottom cone.The 3hl beer fermenter has top manhole,and the breath valve is mounted on the top manhole.


The cooling pipes of the 300L 3hl beer fermenters are located in the back of the bottom cone.It will save some space especially for some restaurants and brewpubs.The cooling pipes can be connected under the fermenters,and it won't cost too much space of the fermenters back.And we also make the cooling pipes on the top of the fermenters,it depends on your actual space need.

300L-beer-fermenters (1).webp

The 300L 3hl beer fermenters also can be designed as slim and taller type.If you have tight brewery space but with enough ceiling space,then we can make this slim fermenters as per your space.

No matter what shape of the 300L beer fermenters are,we provide the complete valves which matched with the fermenters for our clients,such as breath valve(PVRV), CIP arm, sanitary sample valve, manway,butterfly valves,spunging valve,pressure gauge etc.. The design of fermenters is based on our vast beer knowledge and especially the conical fermenter bottom,and we combine fermentation and maturation in the same vessel.


All material of the 300L beer fermenters in contact with product will be of Stainless Steel,304.Light glass made of glass. Pipe/Fitting standard will be designed according to your request ;All valves in contact with product will be of Hygienic Butter Valve Type ;All components and wire will be with CE marked ;Process connections will be designed according to your request.Sanitary screw couplings or Sanitary Tri-clamp ;Welds will be fully burned,shield gas will be used.With no pores,cracks. 


The price of the 300L 3HL Beer fermenters for microbreweries is various because of the different configuration of the fermenters.If you plant to add extra fermenters inside of your breweries,brewpubs or restaurants,please contact with us and send us your requirements such as the quantity of the fermenters,the configuration of the tanks,your brewery space layout. Our sales engineer can give you a professional quote of the fermenters. Cheers!


1. What is a 300L (3HL) conical beer fermenter?

A 300L (3HL) conical beer fermenter is a specialized vessel used in microbreweries to ferment and condition beer. It has a conical shape at the bottom that allows for the separation of yeast and other sediments, resulting in clearer and higher-quality beer.

2. What is the capacity of a 300L (3HL) fermenter?

The capacity of a 300L (3HL) conical beer fermenter is 300 liters or approximately 3 hectoliters (1 hectoliter = 100 liters). It's designed to accommodate a smaller batch size, making it ideal for microbreweries and craft beer production.

3. How does a conical beer fermenter work?

A conical beer fermenter allows yeast and other solids to settle at the bottom due to its conical shape. As fermentation occurs, yeast is naturally drawn to the cone's point. This separation process simplifies the removal of sediment and yeast, resulting in cleaner beer.

4. What are the benefits of using a 300L conical fermenter?

The benefits of using a 300L conical beer fermenter include improved yeast management, efficient sediment removal, enhanced flavor development, and ease of harvesting yeast for future batches. Additionally, conical fermenters are space-efficient and provide better temperature control.

5. Can I control the temperature in a conical fermenter?

Yes, many modern conical fermenters come equipped with temperature control options. Temperature regulation is crucial during fermentation, and having this feature allows you to optimize the yeast's activity and achieve desired flavor profiles.

6. Is a conical fermenter suitable for small-scale microbreweries?

Absolutely. A 300L (3HL) conical beer fermenter is particularly well-suited for small-scale microbreweries and craft beer producers. It offers the advantages of professional fermentation processes on a smaller scale.

7. What materials are used in the construction of a conical fermenter?

Conical fermenters are typically constructed from stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean—important factors for maintaining hygiene and product quality in a brewing environment.

8. Can I use a 300L conical fermenter for different types of beer?

Yes, a 300L conical fermenter can be used for various types of beer, including ales, lagers, stouts, and more. The flexibility of conical fermenters makes them suitable for experimenting with different recipes and styles.

9. How do I clean and sanitize a conical fermenter?

Cleaning and sanitizing a conical fermenter is essential to prevent contamination. After emptying the fermenter, rinse it with water to remove any residue. Then, use a cleaning solution to thoroughly clean all surfaces. Follow this with a sanitizing solution to ensure a bacteria-free environment for your next batch.

10. Can I customize a 300L conical fermenter to fit my microbrewery's needs?

Yes, we offer customization options for conical fermenters. You can tailor features such as temperature control, fittings, and accessories to match your microbrewery's specific requirements and processes.

A 300L (3HL) conical beer fermenter is a valuable tool for microbreweries, offering efficient fermentation, yeast management, and temperature control. Its compact size and versatility make it an excellent choice for craft beer production, allowing you to create high-quality brews with precision and ease.

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