Brewhouse also called “beer cooking system”,the grains become wort after cooking inside it.There are different modules of brewhouse,2-vessel brewhouse,3-vessel brewhouse,4-vessel brewhouse and combined 3 vessel brewhouse,but all types of brewhouse can execute a complete brewing process:mash,wort filter,boil and whirlpool.Regarding to the heating way,there are 3 common heating way:steam heating,electric tubes heating and fire directly heating.If brewers have special requirements on it,we can supply the tailored design.

We are brewery accessories manufacturer and supplier in China. We have our own independent factory of brewery accessories in China. We have many orders for brewery accessories, all custom made. In order to ensure the delivery time of our customers, it is necessary to have our own factory and hire experienced workers. If you are getting ready to start a beer brewing business and need brewery accessories, start by looking for a brewery accessories Manufacturer and Supplier. We will be your best choice.


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