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SENMO provide not only equipment but also the solutions for our worldwide microbreweries. We are dedicate to make our “customers’ idea” on the ground with less energy cost.From here,you can get the turnkey microbrewery equipment,distillation equipment as well as the filling line,no matter you are a initial startup,or you want to expand the brewery.


Quality and value

“Each details matters” is the value of our factory.We are proud to provide the most functional and reliable beer equipment which designed with our customers joining in,and with strict inspection procedure finishing.Make sure all of the beer equipment is in high performance from the design to the products.


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Dedicated service team supply you prompt response all day time,from sales service to technical service to installation service. SENMO committed to improve customers’ satisfaction and support your brew all the time!
Best beer equipment manufacturer in China

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Best beer equipment manufacturer in China

Shandong Senmo Machinery Company is located in the hometown of China’s beer equipment,Jinan city. Owns beer equipment factory over 20,000m2 workshop, more than 80 production employees, and more than 20 sales and after-sales service teams. We aim to be the best beer equipment manufacturer in China. Senmo Machinery provide turn-key project for micro breweries, hotel restaurants, brewpubs by our integrated R&D, experiment, product designing, manufacturing, installation and technical process training. With 9 years of developing and manufacturing experience we independently developed five big series and over fifty varieties, such as craft beer brewing equipment,beer fermentation system, beer filling machine,beer dispenser, and beer display freezer!



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3 BBL brewhouse

3.5 BBL beer brewhouse

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15 BBL brewhouse

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Brewery equipment manufacturer

We are the most professional brewery equipment manufacturer. We have 5 brewers and 20 engineers with more than 10 years of experience in beer brewing equipment manufacturing. We pass the quality inspection of beer brewed by brewers and improve beer brewing equipment, which makes us stand out among brewery equipment manufacturers. Because we have our own brewery equipment factory, this will reduce the cost of your purchased equipment a lot.

Our Services

Professional beer equipment manufacturing service

As a professional beer equipment manufacturer, we deeply understand your pain points when purchasing beer equipment, so we provide one-stop procurement and one-to-one 24-hour timely communication services to help you solve after-sales problems of beer equipment.


Diverse products

The changing market needs innovative products. With the help of our loyal customers,SENMO independently developed five big series and over fifty varieties, such as craft beer brewing equipment, beer filling machine, beer cooling room, beer dispenser, and beer display cabinet!


One-stop beer equipment solution

We are the source of your one-stop solution and your expansion requirements. Your investment will bring lifelong value to your equipment. We care about your business. Our experienced customer service team and extensive parts warehouse ensure that you can focus on your process.


Experienced staff

Our 100 employees, including experienced engineers, can meet your unique needs. Our team is dedicated to customizing beer equipment to fit your style and space, with top-notch innovative service at an affordable price. Always support your brew!


Quality and value

In terms of brewery equipment, you have many choices. Our equipment and services provide our customers with excellent quality and value. We are committed to serving our communities, our employees and our customers!

Latest Products

To be the best beer equipment manufacturer in China

It is undeniable that there are many professional beer equipment manufacturers in China. Therefore, we work harder to innovate and iteratively upgrade our beer equipment according to the suggestions of beer brewers. While ensuring the quality, we continue to develop new beer equipment functions to improve the quality of beer and equipment performance. Strive to make us the best beer equipment manufacturer in China.Remind that there are new products coming out below.

Recommended Products

Professional Microbrewery equipment manufacturer

In order to meet your different operating environments use beer equipment. We are especially proficient in the design and manufacture of Microbrewery equipment. Because we are also Professional microbrewery equipment manufacturer. If you are looking for microbrewery equipment manufacturer from China, then you can give us the scale of microbrewery and we can give professional design proposal.

Why Choose Us

1. Free one-on-one sales consulting from experienced sales engineers,which give you professional advice of opening a microbrewery.
2. Comprehensive equipment technical service before ordering,from the brewing flowchart to space layout to each tank data drawings.
3. Turnkey brewing equipment,distillation equipment and filling line.You don’t have to spend your time on finding various suppliers,our turnkey microbrewery solution help you turn your dream into reality.








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