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500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery

500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Brewhouse heating way
Steam heating or Electric tubes heating or Fire directly heating
500L per batch
Control way
Automatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
220V/380V or customized
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
60 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
You will know the structure of the 500L commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery by this article,also,the design standard and fittings of the brewing system.If you have interest in the 500L beer equipment,feel free to ask us for quotation.
500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery

500l commercial beer brewing system for microbrewery


This is our 500L beer brewing system for microbrewery,tt is our new designed 500L brewhouse system for the brewpub,restaurant and microbrewery.On the left side,the whole vessel include two tuns,on the top is a 500l beer mash tun,under the mash tun is a 500L hot water tank,we can use the hot water tank as 500L wort storage tank. On the right side,it is the 500L wort kettle,the 500l kettle also has whirlpool function.The tank plates and accessories are made of international standard SUS304 stainless steel; Laser cutting and argon shielded welding, internal centralized pickling and passivation, accuracy ≤ 0.4 μ m; Polyurethane foam insulation; Pipe fittings support DIN, ISO, SMS and other customized standards; Dimple cooling jacket test pressure 0.4MPa; The working pressure of the tank is 0.15 MPa, and the test pressure is 0.4 MPa;High precision temperature sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor and other components, Siemens PLC control, program input, multi process formula storage and setting, simple operation; Accessories of auxiliary machines are selected from domestic and foreign first-line brands, which are CE/UL certified.

This 500l beer brewing system is usually used for commercial purposes, but rarely for home use.


The following fittings are matched with the 500l fermenters for microbrewery:

 -Mechanical pressure regulating valve

 -Beer sample valve

 -Breath valve


 -Hops dosing port

 -Temperature sensor

 -Beer rotary pipe

 -Drain outlet

 -CIP ball and CIP arm

 -CO2 carbon stone

The connection of the fittings can be tri-clamp,diary couplers and other connection way you want.Meanwhile,if you need other fitings or port on the fermenters,you can tell us and we do the special design for you.


To meet the European market request,the 500L commercial beer brewing system equipment and work will be in compliance with the following norms and standards.

  •Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC According to harmonized standard EN ISO 12100:2010

  •Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

  •Health and Safety requirements of the Directive 2006/42/EC

Below is the mechanical design standard for the 500L commercial brewing system

  1. All material in contact with product will be of Stainless Steel,304.Light glass made of glass. 

  2. Pipe/Fitting standard will be designed according to your request 

  3. All valves in contact with product will be of Hygienic Butter Valve Type 

  4. All components and wire will be with CE marked 

  5. Process connections will be designed according to your request.Sanitary screw couplings or Sanitary Tri-clamp 

  6. Welds will be fully burned,shield gas will be used.With no pores,cracks. 


Before you build the 500L commercial brewing syste for your microbrewery,it is very important for you to confirm well of the 500L commerical beer equipment with the equipment manufacturer. Below is the some points which you need to talk with us before we send you the quote.

  • Your microbrewery floor plan drawing.The shape of the 500L brewhouse need to be designed as per your building,there are linear type,square type or triangle type brewhouse layouts,the fermenters arrangement also need to be designed as per the site drawing.

  • The 500L brewhouse combination type.There are 500L 2-vessel brewhouse system,500L 3-vessel brewhouse system,500L 4-vessel brewhouse system,500L 5-vessel brewhouse system...each type of the brewhouse price has big difference

  • The 500L fermenter quantity you need.As we all the know,the more you need,the more you need to pay.If you don't have enough money to buy the full quantity of the fermenters,we suggest you buy a couple of them at the first stage,when your brewery growing up,you can add them in the future.

As a professional beer equipment manufacturer,SENMO always dadicate to give the most complete and functional brewing equipment to our clients with lower investment from them. If you have interest in the 500L commercial beer brewing system for your microbrewery and want to know details cost,please contact with us,we have sales engineers who can give you the formal quotation.


Q1: Why is a 500L batch size considered optimal for microbreweries?

A1: The 500L batch size strikes an ideal balance for microbreweries, allowing for experimentation with diverse recipes and styles while maintaining a manageable production scale. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to market demands and exploring new flavor profiles without overwhelming production capabilities.

Q2: How does a 500L brewing system offer efficient production capacity for microbreweries?

A2: A 500L brewing system efficiently produces a significant volume of beer without overwhelming microbrewery production capabilities. This ensures a steady and reliable supply of crafted brews for both local patrons and distribution to nearby establishments.

Q3: What advantages does the moderate size of a 500L brewing system bring to microbrewers?

A3: The moderate size of a 500L brewing system allows microbrewers to maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring craftsmanship and attention to detail. This intimate connection with the brewing process facilitates experimentation and the pursuit of excellence in every batch.

Q4: Can a 500L brewing system accommodate the production of diverse beer styles?

A4: Yes, a 500L brewing system provides microbreweries with the capacity to brew a diverse range of beer styles. Whether it's classic ales, stouts, IPAs, or experimental brews, the system accommodates the creative ambitions of microbrewers, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences.

Q5: How does a 500L brewing system support scalability for microbrewery growth?

A5: As microbreweries evolve and grow, a 500L brewing system offers scalability without the need for a complete overhaul of equipment. Microbreweries can increase production gradually, aligning with their business growth and market demands.

Q6: What is the advantage of a compact footprint in a 500L brewing system for microbreweries?

A6: The compact footprint of a 500L brewing system is advantageous for microbreweries with limited space, especially in urban settings. It allows for optimal use of brewing areas without compromising on production capacity.

Q7: How does the integrated brewing control system benefit microbrewers using a 500L system?

A7: Modern 500L brewing systems come equipped with integrated brewing control systems. These systems provide microbrewers with precision and automation in temperature control, brewing times, and other critical parameters, ensuring consistency and repeatability in each batch.

Q8: Why is stainless steel construction important for durability in a 500L brewing system?

A8: Stainless steel construction ensures durability, resistance to corrosion, and a hygienic brewing environment in a 500L system. This material contributes to the overall longevity and quality of the beer produced by the microbrewery.

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What we purchased is this 500l commercial beer brewing equipment, and the quality is very good.

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We are a microbrewery in Germany,last year we bought a set of 500L commercial beer brewing system from SENMO machinery.The quality of the equipment is perfect,and their service is top!

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