Medium-large brewery refers to a brewery with annual beer production capacity between 15,000-60,000 barrels.The beer production equipment of medium-large brewery commonly with high-level automatic control,and the machines are more comprehensive.Besides of the malt miller,brewhouse,fermentation system,cooling system,control cabinet,it also include beer filtration system,yeast propagation system,CO2 charging system and other auxiliary machine.SENMO provide turn-key brewery system from A to Z for our worldwide clients,and make customized deign as per the beer brewing technical needs.

Medium-Large brewery equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. As we all know, China is the place where the most beer equipment manufacturers gather in the world. We are one of the most professional beer equipment manufacturers. We can design and manufacture medium and large beer brewing equipment. If you want to open a medium and large beer brewing equipment factory, we will be your best choice.


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