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Barly malt grinder for microbrewery

Barly malt grinder for microbrewery
Barly malt grinder for microbrewery
Carbon steel or Stainless steel
Quantity of roller
2 or 4
Milling type
Dry mill
1 set
30 days
12 months
This is a small malt grinder for microbrewery.Double-roller type,the working noise is small,easy to opeate.

Barly malt grinder for microbrewery


Raw material crushing: the contact area between malt content and water can be increased through crushing, so that starch can rapidly absorb water and expand, gradually decompose, and increase the contact area with enzymes. The hydrolase system contained in malt is free during saccharification, accelerating the leaching of soluble substances, thus promoting the dissolution of refractory substances. It will not only affect the subsequent saccharification effect, wort filtration and sugar extraction, but also affect the flavor and taste of later beer.

Dry crushing is the most commonly used traditional crushing method, which is applicable to small breweries of about 2 tons. The selected malt with impurities removed is directly put into the grinder for crushing, and the crushed malt powder is stored in the malt powder bin. This method requires simple equipment and easy operation. The crushing effect has a direct relationship with the moisture content of malt. Generally, the moisture content of malt is 6%~8%. If it is too high, it is not easy to crush, but forms a thin slice. If it is too low, it is too easy to crush, which is not conducive to filtering.

conditional craft breweries.

Double roll malt crusher

The opposite roll malt crusher is mainly used in small brewing workshops or beer houses. It is composed of blanking port, baffle, opposite roll, conveyor, discharge port and other parts. It crushes malt through the shear force and extrusion force generated by the relative reverse rotation of two rollers. The diameter of the roller is the same, and the maximum is 250mm. The material is cast iron or chrome nickel roller processed by centrifugal casting process. The two rollers are divided into driving wheel and passive wheel. In the process of malt crushing, the crushing effect can be adjusted by controlling the feeding speed and adjusting the roller spacing through the feeding baffle.

Straight through soaking humidifying pulverizer

The straight through soaking humidifying pulverizer is a malt crushing equipment widely used in craft breweries. It is composed of a soaking tank, a crushing box and a power box. After crushing, it can ensure the integrity of the wheat husk and the good crushing of the malt contents. During the crushing process, attention should be paid to the speed, spacing and material water ratio of the feeding rollers.

How to control the quality in malt crushing? The control of malt crushing degree is the focus we need to pay attention to.

After the malt is crushed, the percentage of hull, coarse grain, fine grain, coarse powder and fine powder in the mass of material powder is called the degree of crushing, which is an important value to measure the degree of malt crushing. The adjustment of degree of pulverization is mainly based on the solubility of malt, saccharification method and wort filtering equipment.

Malt solubility

The well dissolved malt has loose endosperm tissue and is rich in hydrolase, which is very convenient for saccharification and easy to crush. The degree of pulverization has little effect on the extraction rate of malt; Malt with poor solubility has hard endosperm, less hydrolase, and is difficult to grind and saccharify. The degree of pulverization has a greater impact on the extraction rate of malt. Therefore, when crushing, it should be properly fine, and the best state is to let the malt break without breaking.

Mashing method

When extracting saccharification or rapid saccharification, the degree of pulverization should be greater; The traditional boiling saccharification method can reduce the degree of pulverization.

Wort filtration equipment

The filter tank is used for filtering. The wheat tank is used as the filter layer, and the wheat husk is used as the filter medium. The wheat husk is required to be as complete as possible, so the malt should be roughly crushed. The filter press is used for filtering. Polypropylene filter cloth is used as the filtering medium. There is no need to protect the wheat husk during crushing. Therefore, the crushing should be thin, but not too thin.


For small and medium-sized craft breweries, the following issues should be paid attention to during dry crushing:

① The malt can be used immediately after being powdered. It can not be stored for a long time or overnight

② During the crushing process, timely sample the malt crushing situation, and adjust the roll spacing according to the situation to ensure uniform crushing.

③ 5-10 minutes before crushing, add proper amount of water to wet the malt

④ The burnt fragrant malt and black malt cannot moisten the water, and must be finely crushed

⑤ Crush the malt and make it smaller to increase the extraction rate

⑥ Wear a mask when crushing, and do a good job in hygiene and safety

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