Beer & beverage filling machine

Automatic beer bottling machine

Automatic beer bottling machine
Automatic beer bottling machine
Filling capacity
1200-1500CPH(330ml can)
Adapt to
Aluminium cans
Electric power
380/220V 3Phase 50/60Hz
Delivery time
50 days
1 year
Engineer overseas installation provided
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
Control way
1 set
An automatic beer bottling machine is a device that is used to automatically fill and seal bottles with beer. It typically consists of a conveyor belt, a bottle washer, a filler, a capper, and a labeler. The machine is programmed to fill each bottle with a precise amount of beer, cap it, and then apply a label. This process is done quickly and efficiently, enabling large quantities of beer to be bottled in a short amount of time.

Automatic beer bottling machine

An automatic beer bottling machine is a device used to package beer into bottles with very little manual labor. The machine is composed of a set of filling heads, a capping machine, and a conveyor belt. The machine works by first placing the empty bottles on the conveyor belt, which then moves them to the filling heads. The filling heads measure out a pre-determined amount of beer into each bottle, and then the capping machine seals the bottles shut. The filled and sealed bottles are then moved to the end of the conveyor belt for packaging and distribution.

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Automatic beer bottling machine Specification

The specifications of an automatic beer bottling machine will vary depending on the model and manufacturer. Generally, the specifications include capacity, speed, power requirements, and dimensions. Capacity is usually expressed in bottles per hour or minute and may range from a few hundred to thousands of bottles per hour. Speed is usually expressed in revolutions per minute (RPM) and can range from a few hundred to thousands of RPM. Power requirements are usually expressed in volts and amperes and can range from a few hundred to thousands of volts and amperes. Dimensions may include height, width, depth, and weight.

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How to use automatic beer bottling machine?

  • Step1. Begin by checking the machine for any signs of wear and tear or defects.

  • Step2. Ensure that the bottle-capping machine is well lubricated and in good working order.

  • Step3. Place the bottles to be filled on the conveyor belt or the filling station.

  • Step4. Adjust the filling level and flow rate of the beer into the bottles.

  • Step5. Start the filling process by pressing the start button.

  • Step6. Monitor the process and adjust the flow rate as needed.

  • Step7. Once the bottles are filled, they will be moved to the capping station.

  • Step8. Place the caps on the bottles, making sure the caps are centred.

  • Step9. Check that the bottles are correctly placed and that the caps are sealed.

  • Step10. Start the capping process by pressing the start button.

  • Step11. Monitor the process and adjust the capping speed as needed.

  • Step12. Once the bottles are capped, they will be moved to the labelling station.

  • Step13. Place the labels on the bottles.

  • Step14. Start the labelling process by pressing the start button.

  • Step15. Monitor the process and adjust the labelling speed as needed

Automatic beer bottling machine factory 

The production of an automatic beer bottling machine requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry. To ensure that the equipment produced meets the requirements of the brewery and its customers, the factory should have a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers, technicians, and machinists. The facility should also be equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced technology to ensure that the beer bottling machine is produced with the highest quality and efficiency. The factory should also have an effective quality control system in place to ensure that the finished product meets the standards of the brewery and its customers.

Look for a professional beer bottling manufacturer, and communicate the equipment parameters and functions in detail. If you have the opportunity, you must visit the factory. Senmo Machinery is a professional beer equipment manufacturer, you are welcome to contact us and communicate your good ideas.

How Automatic Beer Bottling Machines Work

Imagine a choreographed symphony of bottles gliding along a conveyor, undergoing a meticulously choreographed series of actions. An automatic beer bottling machine seamlessly takes the reins of the bottling process. It begins with rinsing the bottles, purging them with carbon dioxide to minimize oxygen exposure, and then filling them with the perfect amount of beer. The culmination involves capping or corking the bottles, ensuring a secure seal. Throughout this process, the machine maintains a level of precision that's challenging to achieve through manual means.

The Advantages of Automatic Beer Bottling Machines

The benefits of automatic beer bottling machines extend far beyond the realm of convenience. They offer a suite of advantages that impact both the brewery and the consumer.

1. Enhanced Efficiency

Automatic bottling machines significantly increase production speed compared to manual methods. This means more bottles filled in less time, allowing breweries to meet demand without compromising quality.

2. Consistent Quality

Uniformity is paramount in brewing. These machines ensure that each bottle is filled to the same level, guaranteeing consistency in flavor, carbonation, and overall experience for consumers.

3. Minimal Oxygen Exposure

Oxygen is the enemy of beer freshness. Automatic bottling machines minimize oxygen pickup during the filling process, prolonging the beer's shelf life and maintaining its intended flavor profile.

4. Labor Savings

The automation provided by these machines reduces the need for extensive manual labor during the bottling process. This allows brewery staff to focus on other critical tasks, such as recipe development and quality control.

5. Scalability

From small craft breweries to medium-sized operations, automatic bottling machines offer scalability. Breweries can adjust their production rates while maintaining efficiency and precision.

6. Collaborating with Other Brewery Systems

One of the standout features of automatic beer bottling machines is their seamless integration with other brewery systems. Whether it's syncing with conveyors, labelers, or quality control devices, these machines contribute to a harmonized and efficient packaging line. This integration streamlines workflow, reduces bottlenecks, and ensures a smooth transition from one step to the next.

Automatic beer bottling machines embody the spirit of progress in brewing technology. By automating a crucial aspect of the production process, they empower breweries to uphold their commitment to quality and consistency. As consumers seek exceptional and reliable products, breweries armed with these machines are poised to deliver an experience that stands out on the shelves and tantalizes the taste buds.

From enhancing efficiency and preserving quality to simplifying operations and reducing labor, the automatic beer bottling machine has earned its place as a cornerstone of modern brewing practices. It's more than just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence in every bottle. As breweries continue to embrace automation, the journey of innovation in the brewing industry marches onward, bottle by bottle.


Q1: What is an automatic beer bottling machine?

An automatic beer bottling machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to automate the process of filling, capping, and labeling beer bottles. It eliminates much of the manual labor associated with bottling, ensuring a seamless and efficient packaging process.

Q2: How does an automatic beer bottling machine work?

Bottles are typically loaded onto a conveyor system, and the machine takes over the sequential processes. These processes often include bottle rinsing, carbon dioxide purging to minimize oxygen exposure, precise beer filling, capping, and sometimes labeling. The machine's automation ensures accuracy and consistency in each step.

Q3: What are the advantages of using an automatic bottling machine?

Automatic bottling machines offer several advantages, including increased production speed, precise filling levels, reduced oxygen pickup, improved product quality and consistency, and minimized labor requirements.

Q4: Is this machine suitable for different bottle sizes and types?

Yes, many automatic beer bottling machines are versatile and can accommodate a range of bottle sizes and types, including standard beer bottles and unique packaging designs.

Q5: How fast can the machine operate?

The speed of operation varies based on the specific model and the complexity of your brewery's workflow. Automatic bottling machines can handle different production rates, often ranging from hundreds to thousands of bottles per hour.

Q6: What maintenance is required for an automatic bottling machine?

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the machine's optimal performance. Cleaning, sanitizing, inspecting for wear and tear, and addressing any technical issues promptly are critical to avoiding disruptions.

Q7: Can the machine integrate with other brewery systems?

Absolutely, automatic beer bottling machines are designed for integration. They can be seamlessly integrated with other brewery systems such as conveyors, labeling machines, and quality control devices to create a synchronized packaging line.

Q8: What safety measures should be considered when using the machine?

Safety is a top priority when working with machinery. Proper training for staff, clear operational protocols, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial. Regular maintenance checks also contribute to a safe working environment.

Q9: How can I choose the right automatic bottling machine for my brewery?

Selecting the right automatic bottling machine involves considering your brewery's production capacity, bottle sizes, available space, budget, and desired automation level. Collaborating with us and we can help you find the best fit for your needs.

Q10: How does the use of automatic bottling machines impact beer quality?

Automatic bottling machines can significantly enhance beer quality by minimizing oxygen exposure during the packaging process. This reduction in oxygen pickup helps preserve the beer's flavors, aromas, and overall freshness.

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