Fermentation system

Beer brewing system conical fermenter

Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
Beer brewing system conical fermenter
100L-30000L per tank
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Outer tank:2mm Inner tank:3mm/4mm/5mm
Cooling way
Dimple jackets around wall and cone
Test pressure:0.4Mpa
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
35 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
A detailed instruction of beer brewing system conical fermenter,if you plan to expand your beer capacity by adding extra fermenters,please contact with us,we will send you an complete brewery expansion proposal.
Beer brewing system conical fermenter

Beer brewing system conical fermenter

Fermentation is a critical stage in the beer brewing process, where sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast, imparting flavor and character to the final brew. Conical fermenters have become a staple in modern breweries, offering a host of advantages in terms of efficiency, clarity, and ease of use. 


These are beer brewing system conical fermenters for microbreweries.The conical beer fermenters' pipes and fittings fittings can be designed as DIN, ISO, SMS and other customized standards.The fermenters is stainless steel dished head,with lower 60 ° cone bottom; The conical beer fermenters manway can be on top or side of the fermenters. And the cooling pipe connection can also be customized produce,you can choose tri-clamp connection,thread connection,diary coupler connection or other way you want.


The technical parameters of the conical beer fermenters

  • Working volume:1000LTotal volume:1320LSize:φ1260×2510

  • Design temperature:Min:0℃ Max:100℃

  • Design pressure:2BarWorking pressure:1Bar

  • Inner tank thickness:2.5mmOuter tank thickness:2mmSurface process of the tank: Brushed surface

  • Head type:Dished headBottom type:Conical bottom,60°degree.

  • Insulation material and thickness:PU insulation,80mm

  • Cooling jackets around the cylinder and bottom cone.Cooling area: 2.2㎡

  • Dimple jacket design pressure:2BarDimple jacket working pressure:1Bar

  • CIP pipeline and CIP rotary spray ball

  • Side manhole

  • Hops dosing port on the top.Hoping entrance on the cylinder

  • Matched with Breath valve: Adjust the negative and positive pressure.

  • Matched with Sample valve 

  • Matched with Pressure gauge and Mechanical Pressure regulating valve

  • Racking arm on the coneDrain outlet on the bottom

  • Four stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to adjust leg height, the base plate with two fixe hole;

  • With brace between the legs 

Beer brewing system conical fermenters represent a harmonious blend of art and science in the brewing process. Their innovative design and features empower brewers to exercise greater control over fermentation, resulting in beers that boast clarity, consistency, and a depth of flavor. As breweries continue to embrace advancements in brewing technology, conical fermenters stand as a testament to the commitment to excellence in crafting the perfect pint. Whether in a small craft brewery or a large-scale operation, the conical fermenter remains an indispensable tool for brewers dedicated to mastering the art and science of fermentation.


Our company adopt laser cutting and argon shielded welding during the conical fermenters' production, the internal of the fermenters commonly do pickling and passivation, the interior surface accuracy ≤ 0.4 μ m;The conical beer fermenters have polyurethane foam insulation,thickness is 80mm;There are dimple cooling jackets around the tank body and bottom cone,the test pressure is 0.4MPa; The working pressure of the tank is 0.15 MPa, and the test pressure is 0.4 MPa; Our factory do water pressure test to all of the fermenters and bright tanks,the test period is 48hours.The strictly test and inspection make sure the tanks inside,the dimple jackets and pipe ports has no leakage when the fermenters arrives in our clients' brewery.

fermenter-fittings (1)435666.webp

With high precision temperature sensor, the conical beer fermenters can realized automaticlly temperature control,real-time feedback of temperature curve, it also supporting remote operation;The tanks equipped with safety valve, pressure regulating valve, sampling valve, liquor outlet valve, blow down valve, dry inlet, inflation valve, CIP cleaning ball, etc.


The price of the conical beer fermenters is different because of the various configurations.If you plan to add extra conical beer fermenters inside of your breweries,please contact with us and send us your requirements such as the quantity of the fermenters,the configuration of the tanks,your brewery space layout.Our sales engineer can give you a professional quote of the fermenters.Cheers!


Q1: What is the significance of the conical shape in fermenters for beer brewing systems?

A1: The conical shape in fermenters serves a crucial role in facilitating the settling of yeast and other sediment to the bottom. This design simplifies the process of racking or transferring beer to secondary vessels, reducing the risk of off-flavors caused by spent yeast and unwanted particles.

Q2: How do temperature control systems in conical fermenters contribute to the brewing process?

A2: Temperature control systems in conical fermenters help maintain a consistent fermentation temperature. This is essential for achieving the desired flavor profile in beer. The controlled temperature ensures optimal yeast activity, resulting in clean and flavorful brews.

Q3: Can samples be easily taken from conical fermenters, and why is this feature beneficial?

A3: Yes, many conical fermenters feature a bottom valve that allows brewers to take samples for testing without disturbing the entire batch. This feature is beneficial for monitoring the fermentation process and conducting quality checks without compromising the entire batch.

Q4: How does yeast harvesting work in conical fermenters?

A4: Yeast harvesting is simplified in conical fermenters. The yeast settles at the bottom of the cone, and brewers can collect it easily through the bottom valve. This harvested yeast can be reused in subsequent batches, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Q5: What is the advantage of the closed design of conical fermenters in terms of contamination risk?

A5: The closed design of conical fermenters minimizes the risk of contamination during fermentation. This sealed environment prevents unwanted microbes and airborne particles from entering the vessel, ensuring the production of a clean and high-quality beer.

Q6: How do conical fermenters optimize space in a brewing setup?

A6: Conical fermenters are space-efficient due to their vertical design, which minimizes the footprint. This optimization allows brewers to fit multiple fermenters in a limited brewing area, making the most of the available space.

Q7: What materials are commonly used in the construction of conical fermenters, and why is durability important?

A7: Conical fermenters are often constructed from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, known for its durability and corrosion resistance. Durability is crucial for ensuring a long lifespan for the equipment, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of the brewing process.

Q8: Can conical fermenters withstand pressure, and how does this capability impact the brewing process?

A8: Some conical fermenters are designed to withstand pressure, allowing brewers to conduct pressure fermentation. This technique can influence the beer's characteristics, including enhanced carbonation and improved yeast performance, offering additional options for brewers in the brewing process.

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The beer brewing system conical fermenter is a game-changer for serious brewers. Its innovative design allows for precise temperature and yeast control, resulting in consistently exceptional brews. A must-have component that elevates the art of brewing to new heights.

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