How much does it cost to start a brewery

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How much does it cost to start a brewery
If you want to start a brewery,the first thing to make clear is the equipment price for the brewery.This article introduce you the cost to start a brewery.If you want to learn more about the brewery investment,please contact with us.

Before you start a brewery,there are lots of points to investigate,such as the building space,the government documents needed,the brewer,the brewing equipment cost,the brewery scales....the most important part of the brewery startup is the cost of the beer equipment.Next,we will introduce you the price of all kinds of beer equipment.


  1. The home brewery equipment price

For those whole just get into the beer brewing industry,we suggest you use a 100L beer equipment.This small volume beer equipment cost is much lower,around 8,000-10,000$.The 100L brew kit is very sample,there will be one brew kettle,with 3 or 4 beer single layer fermenters,and the fermenters can be put into a cooling room to finish the fermentation process.The home brew equipment can be also used as a pilot beer equipment,the brewer can use it to create new beer recipes.


  2. The brewpub beer equipment price

The brewpub brewery is kind of combination between restaurant and microbrewery.The beer equipment volume is between 200L-1000L,which put into the restaurant,people can see the equipment when they have dishes.This brewpub equipment price will be between 20,000-10,000$,the exact price will be depends on the brewing equipment volume,the material of the tanks,the quantity of the fermenters,and control level of the whole brewing system.If you want to start a brewery like this,you need to tell your exact requirements to the equipment manufacturer,only when they make clear of your requirements,the accurate offer can be coming out.


  3.The microbrewery beer equipment price

The microbrewery commonly has beer equipment from 200L-5000L,the brewer will brew the beer in the microbrewery and pack the beer into glass bottles or cans or kegs,so that they can sell the beer to restaurants,hotel and supermarket.For the beer equipment with 200L-2000L,the price will be around 20,000-500,000$.The big price difference also because of the different equipment volume,the quantity of the fermenters and the control level of the brewing system.


  4.The industry brewery beer equipment price

The industry brewery beer equipment is in larger capacity which commonly above 5000L per batch.This big brewery need more accessories to operate,and the control level is high.For this industry brewery equipment,the price is no less than 500,000$,If add the beer bottling line or beer canning line,the price will be double.

So,it is very important to be clear which kind of brewery type you want to start,the prices have a very big difference for various brewery equipment capacity.Beside of the equipment price,the building rent cost,the beer raw material cost,the energy cost are also need to think.

Once you have considered these factors, you can start to study and compare different beer equipment options and select the appropriate equipment for your brewery. SENMO Beer Equipment is a company specializing in the production of beer equipment, craft beer equipment and industrial beer equipment. The model of craft beer equipment ranges from 100 liters to 10000 liters, which is suitable for different places such as beer houses, bars and restaurants. If you need any help, please contact us to provide you with all-round guidance!

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