How to brew Sichuan pepper beer with craft beer equipment?

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How to brew Sichuan pepper beer with craft beer equipment?
Craft beer equipment is the main tool for brewing Sichuan pepper beer. According to the step-by-step instructions, the Sichuan pepper beer with unique flavor can be brewed. New flavors of beer will make your beer business better and better.

The pepper flavor added in the brewing process, and the pure natural pepper essential oil and flavor extracted by Lihewei supercritical CO2 extraction technology, are brewed through low-temperature storage, and the supercritical CO2 extraction technology reduces the addition of traditional pepper flavor beer Problems such as turbid precipitation and bad taste caused by pepper powder.


During the brewing process, the natural prickly ash essential oil and flavor elements not only harmoniously collide with the original peppery aroma of the craft beer to create more layers, but also add a touch of numbness to the balance between the first taste and the middle aftertaste of the craft beer The sense of excitement and joy makes the sense of taste, smell and touch after drinking be surrounded by an evil refreshing feeling;

At the same time, the natural extracted essential oils and flavors of Zanthoxylum bungeanum added act as a natural preservative and preservative, making the ingredients of Sichuan Zanthoxylum beer purer and healthier.

Therefore, Sichuan Pepper Beer is known as a pioneer Chinese craft beer brand that is "more durable than the original craft beer and more suitable for free drinking", and is loved by more craft beer lovers and young people.

In today's beer industry, it can be seen from the sales of beer that the sales of ordinary industrial beer are showing a downward trend, while craft beer with distinctive personality has gradually won the favor of more people. The output of industrial beer is high, and the taste is often weak. However, although craft beer is niche, it has different tastes, such as bitter or sour, which allows people to taste more flavors from beer. This Sichuan pepper craft beer adds a "hemp" taste to the aftertaste, which also makes the taste of the craft family more full.

Although the prickly ash brew has a crispy and crispy taste, the overall taste will not be dominated by the prickly ash (otherwise it will really be a hot pot soup base). As a craft beer, the rich, diverse and layered taste is the essential difference between craft beer and industrial beer. The aroma of pepper in this bottle of pepper craft beer is not strong, but rather lingering and aftertaste Repent.

Therefore, craft breweries in many countries have successively introduced new flavors of beer to increase customer stickiness.

So what equipment is needed to brew Sichuan pepper beer?

Brewing craft beer is inseparable from craft beer equipment, the following is a list of craft beer.



Brewing   kettle

Large   pot for boiling the wort and adding ingredients

Fermentation   vessel

Container   for fermenting the beer, such as a fermenting bucket


Device   to seal the fermentation vessel and allow gas to escape

Immersion/Counterflow   chiller

Equipment   for rapidly cooling the wort to fermentation temperature

Malt   mill (optional)

Device   to crush malted grains into smaller particles

Mash   tun (optional)

Vessel   used for mashing the grains and extracting sugars

Brewing   thermometer

Instrument   for measuring and monitoring temperatures


Tool   to measure specific gravity and monitor fermentation progress

Racking   cane/Auto-siphon

Equipment   for transferring beer between vessels

Fermentation   lock/Airlock

Device   to release carbon dioxide during fermentation

Brewing   spoon/Paddle

Utensil   for stirring the wort during brewing processes

Siphon   tubing and hose clamps

Tubing   and clamps for transferring beer and bottling

Sanitizing   solution

Solution   for sanitizing equipment and surfaces

Brewing   logbook

Book   for recording recipes, measurements, and observations

Bottles,   caps, capper

Containers   and tools for bottling the finished beer

Kegging   system (optional)

Equipment   for kegging and dispensing the beer (if preferred)

Steps of brewing pepper craft beer

1. Pre-malt preparation of beer raw materials:

  • The first step: select malt, malt is divided into different types, the selection of good malt is the basis for brewing craft beer;

  • The second step: soaking of malt, the main function is to remove dust, sundries and other harmful substances in the malt, increase the water content of the malt, and achieve the ideal state of the malt;

  • The third step: malt germination, the main function is to convert the inside of the wheat grain into various enzymes, in which starch, hemifiber, protein and other macromolecular substances are decomposed, in order to meet the needs of later saccharification;

  • The fourth step: Drying and coke: remove the moisture in the malt, avoid the malt spoilage and facilitate storage, and at the same time remove the raw smell in the malt, stop the growth and decomposition of the malt, and produce malt aroma at this time;

  • Step 5: Remove the root of the malt. The root has strong hygroscopicity, which is not convenient for the storage of malt. At the same time, the root bud has a bad bitter taste. If it is not removed, it will affect the taste of beer.

2. Crushing of raw materials

The prepared malt and Sichuan peppercorns are crushed with the auxiliary machine of the beer equipment. The purpose of raw material crushing is to increase the surface area of the raw material. break down.

3. Maltosaccharification process

Put the crushed malt into the mashing tank for mashing. It is to break down the malt into different hydrolytic enzymes.

4. Filtration of wort

After saccharification, some substances in the malt are decomposed, and the rapidly dissolving soluble substances and insoluble substances are separated to obtain clarified wort.

5. Boiling of wort

The wort after filtering is put into the boiling pot and boiled. The wort is heated to 100°C, boiled for a while, and hops are added during the boiling process.

6. Add hops and yeast during wort boiling

The main functions of hops are: balance taste (the bitterness contained in hops can balance the natural sweetness of wort, and at the same time make the aftertaste of beer fresh and refreshing), form foam, and clarify wort. Makes the beer taste better.

7. Add Sichuan peppercorns

 During the last few minutes of boiling the wort, add the Sichuan peppercorns of your choice. You can use whole peppercorns or crush them for more aroma and flavor. Note that Sichuan peppercorns are quite strong, so be careful not to overpower the amount you use. If the carbon dioxide liquid critical point extraction process is used, Sichuan pepper essential oil can be directly added here, which can avoid more residue problems.

8. Cooling of wort

Mainly use the beer equipment auxiliary refrigerator to cool the wort quickly, reduce the temperature of the wort, make it meet the requirements of yeast fermentation, precipitate and separate the cold and hot solids in the wort, and improve the quality of brewed beer , Improve the conditions of beer fermentation.

9. Fermentation of wort

The main thing is to introduce the wort into the fermenter for further fermentation, and control the temperature so that the yeast is in the best physiological state, and the fermentable sugars are converted into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

10. Wine filter

The fermented beer is separated to remove the remaining solid deposits to obtain refreshing Sichuan pepper craft beer.

With the arrival of new market trends, you will find that people's requirements for drinking beer are getting higher and higher. The traditional industrial mass-produced beer of Senmo craft small beer equipment manufacturers can no longer meet people's needs, so merchants grasp this essence. Beer brewing business opportunities began to develop in the direction of craft beer. The production of craft beer cannot be separated from craft beer equipment.

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