Microbrewery equipment

1000L beer brewery equipment

1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
1000L beer brewery equipment
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Brewhouse heating way
Steam heating or Electric tubes heating or Fire directly heating
1000L per batch
Control way
Automatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
220V/380V or customized
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
60 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
This is an introduction of 1000L beer brewery equipment,you will know the 1000L brewing system,1000L fermenters and control system of the brewery through this article.If you want to learn more about it,please ask us for inquiry.
1000L beer brewery equipment

1000L beer brewery equipment

The 1000l beer brewery equipment consists of a 1000l beer brewery equipment, a 1000l beer fermentation system, an auxiliary system, a beer filtration system, a beer refrigeration system,and PLC control system. The 1000l beer brewery equipment is advanced in design and manufacturing, and the entire process can achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic control.Below is the general brewing equipment list of the 1000l beer brewery equipment.

  1. Malt milling system,includes malt miller,auger and grist case

  2. 1000l brewing system,includes 1000l mash tun,1000l lauter tun,1000l kettle,the heating way can be steam heating,fire directly heating or electric tubes heating.

  3. 1000l fermentation system,inclides 1000l fermenters,hops adding device,hop gun,1000l brigte tank

  4. Cooling system,includes glycol water tank,chiller,cooling pipes and valves

  5. CIP cleaning system,includes alkali water tank,acid water tank,CIP trolley

  6. Control system,PID or PLC control

  7. 1000l  beer brewery auxiliary system,includes steam generator,air compressor,beer filter....


The design of 1000L beer brewery equipment details is rigorous, so as to maximize the utilization of brewing materials and reduce equipment energy consumption.The brewhouse tank plates and accessories are made of international standard SUS304 stainless steel; Our factory use laser cutting and argon shielded welding during the tank production,all vessels' internal do centralized pickling and passivation, accuracy ≤ 0.4 μ m;

The 1000L beer brewery equipment and work will be in compliance with the following norms and standards.

•Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC According to harmonized standard EN ISO 12100:2010

•Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU

•Health and Safety requirements of the Directive 2006/42/EC


  • All material in contact with wort or beer will be of Stainless Steel,304.Light glass made of glass.

  • Pipe/Fitting standard will be designed according to your request

  • All valves in contact with product will be of Hygienic Butter Valve Type

  • All components and wire will be with CE marked

  • Process connections will be designed according to your request.Sanitary screw couplings or Sanitary Tri-clamp

  • Welds will be fully burned,shield gas will be used.With no pores,cracks. 


The 1000L beer fermenter details 

▪SS Dished head

▪Butterfly valves, Sample valve,PVRV

▪Clamps and gaskets, pressure gauge

▪Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 3mm

▪Exterior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm

▪Interior and exterior finish polished to a sanitary finish 

▪Interior finish pickled and passivation

▪Dimple jacket cooling jackets 

▪Exterior brushed finish 

▪Fully welded exterior shell

▪60 degree cone bottom, with an average of 25% head space 

▪Rotating racking port

▪Side/Top manway door

▪Dual zone dimple cooling jackets (3 or more on larger tanks)

▪2'' Polyurethane insulation

▪CIP arm and spray ball with a molding technology 

▪Sanitary tri-clamp connections 

▪Upgrade drain port size 

▪Dry hop port


PLC touch screen system of the 1000l beer brewery equipment

▪Temperature control

PT100 connect with PLC, brewers could read the temperature on PLC, brewers also could perform temperature setting, duration of heat as well as connect with motors on touch screen, in order to help brewers to achieve more complex action process.

▪Process control

The system use Siemens frequency converter and PLC to perform USS communication, which could direct setting the rotate speed on touch screen, and also adjust the rotate speed of frequency converter by press button on frequency converter panel.

All working units could through touch screen to perform separate start and stop operation,which include pump, tank light, solenoid valve, air operated valve and so on

▪Electromagnetic flowmeter module

The system also could combine electromagnetic flowmeter, it help brewer know the real-time flow rate as well as the total volume of water, which enhance the precision level in mashing process.


1000L beer equipment main application scenarios

A 1000L beer brewery equipment is a small to medium-sized commercial brewing system that can be used in a variety of application scenarios, such as:

  • Brewpubs: A 1000L brewery system is an ideal size for a brewpub, which is a small restaurant that serves beer brewed on-site. This type of brewery system can produce enough beer to meet the demand of a small restaurant while allowing the brewer to experiment with different beer styles.

  • Microbreweries: A 1000L brewery system is also suitable for microbreweries, which are small breweries that produce beer for local distribution. This type of brewery system can produce enough beer to meet the demand of a small market, such as a city or region.

  • Contract brewing: A 1000L brewery system can be used for contract brewing, which is a process where a brewery produces beer for another company. This type of brewery system can produce enough beer to meet the demand of a contract brewing client while allowing the brewery to maintain its own production schedule.

  • Experimental brewing: A 1000L brewery system is ideal for experimental brewing, where a brewer can try out new recipes and techniques without committing to a large-scale production run.

  • Education: A 1000L brewery system can be used for educational purposes, such as in a brewing school or training program. This type of brewery system can provide students with hands-on experience in the brewing process and allow them to learn about the various components and processes involved in brewing beer.

If you are considering entering the brewing beer or craft beer industry. Whether it is investing in bars,breweries, restaurants, or small and medium-sized breweries, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the requirements for beer brewing technology and equipment technology configuration. If you have any questions about the 1000L beer brewery equipment, please communicate with professionals and manufacturers in detail. Shandong SENMO Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional beer equipment production service provider, provides you with professional technical consultation in the early stage, and carries out equipment design, production, installation, commissioning and other services according to the requirements of beer brewing technology.


1. What is 1000L beer brewery equipment, and what does it include?

1000L beer brewery equipment refers to a brewing system designed for producing beer on a commercial scale. It typically includes components such as a mash tun, lauter tun, kettle, whirlpool, fermentation tanks, hot liquor tank, pumps, and a control system.

2. What production capacity can I expect from 1000L beer brewery equipment?

1000L beer brewery equipment has a production capacity of 1000 liters of beer per batch. This capacity is suitable for medium-sized breweries and can produce a significant quantity of beer for distribution.

3. Is 1000L beer brewery equipment suitable for a startup brewery?

1000L beer brewery equipment is generally better suited for established or medium-sized breweries due to its larger production capacity and associated costs. Startups may find smaller brewing systems more manageable and cost-effective initially.

4. What types of beer can I brew with 1000L beer brewery equipment?

You can brew a wide range of beer styles, including ales, lagers, stouts, IPAs, and specialty beers, using 1000L beer brewery equipment. The equipment's flexibility allows for various brewing techniques and recipe experimentation.

5. Is 1000L beer brewery equipment customizable to fit my specific brewing needs?

Many manufacturers offer customization options for 1000L beer brewery equipment. You can tailor the system to match your specific brewing style, ingredients, and production requirements.

6. What kind of maintenance and cleaning are required for 1000L beer brewery equipment?

Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your brewery equipment. This includes cleaning tanks, inspecting valves and pumps, and addressing any wear and tear.

7. How long does it take to brew a batch with 1000L beer brewery equipment?

The brewing time for a 1000L batch can vary depending on the recipe and process, but it typically takes several hours to complete the brewing process. Fermentation and conditioning times will add to the overall production timeline.

8. Are there any specific regulations or certifications I should be aware of when using 1000L beer brewery equipment for commercial brewing?

Commercial brewing is subject to various regulations and certifications, including health and safety standards, quality control measures, and alcohol licensing requirements. It's essential to comply with local and national regulations.

9. Can I expand my brewing capacity with 1000L beer brewery equipment in the future?

Many breweries choose to expand their brewing capacity by adding additional tanks, fermenters, or even upgrading to larger systems as their business grows. A 1000L brewery equipment can be part of a scalable brewing operation.

10. What are the advantages of investing in 1000L beer brewery equipment for a commercial brewery?

- Some advantages of using 1000L beer brewery equipment include increased production capacity, batch-to-batch consistency, brewing flexibility, ease of use, and the potential for recipe experimentation.

When considering 1000L beer brewery equipment for your brewery, it's essential to conduct a thorough assessment of your production goals, available space, and budget. Consulting with experienced brewers and equipment providers can help you make an informed decision to support your brewing venture effectively.

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