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2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery

2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery
Filling capacity
200-250CPH(330ml can)
Adapt to
Aluminium cans
Electric power
110/220V 1 Phase 50/60Hz
Delivery time
35 days
1 year
Engineer overseas installation provided
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
Control way
1 set
The 2 heads manual can filler is specialize designed for some mini breweries,also for some small capacity beverage factories.It is easy to operate and it can be adapted to various volume cans.Meanwhile,it is small and light,easy to removable.

Introducing our 2-Head Manual Beer Can Filler, a versatile and efficient solution tailored for microbreweries looking to package their craft beer with precision and ease.

2 heads manual beer can filler for microbrewery


Best aluminium can filling machine for nano brewery

The machine is made from sanitary SUS304 material,with 2 filling nozzles.The filling capacity is 200-250CPH which based on 330ml aluminium cans.It can be for beer filling,also the gas beverage and carbonated liquid,but it only can be for cans,not glass bottles,PET bottles.


It can be configured all sizes of cans filling

No matter you use 330ml cans,500ml cans or other special cans,it can be easy to adjusted to fill.The change over between different cans dimensions is a snap, requiring only a few simple tools and less than 30 minutes.


Low energy consumption mini can filler

The machine need 110V/220V Single Phase 50/60Hz electricity,the power is 100w. There is beer in,CO2 inlet and ice water circulate port on the side of the machine,all of the ports use quick connectors.


CO2 inject before beer filling,counter pressure can filler

There are CO2 filling nozzle,beer filling nozzle and a level sensor on the machine.Before the beer filling,inject the CO2 firstly,this process is finished automaticlly until the filling stop.


The filling can be stopped when the level sensor contacts the foam.


Customized design as per clients' electricity requirements

We provide the appropriate plug with the filler for worldwide clients.Before ordering,we have to confirm the correct electric power supply,matched the correct plug and other electric elememts inside of the machine.

Our 2-Head Manual Beer Can Filler is a game-changer for microbreweries seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for canning their craft beer. With its dual-head design, manual operation, and compact footprint, this filler empowers brewers to package their brews with precision and ease, ensuring that every can is filled to perfection. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your canning capabilities, our manual filler is the perfect choice for your microbrewery. If you want to learn more of the machine,just send inquiry to us!Cheers!


1. How does the 2-head manual beer can filler differ from automated fillers?

The 2-head manual beer can filler requires manual operation, whereas automated fillers are typically operated electronically or pneumatically. Manual fillers offer more control over the filling process and are often more cost-effective for smaller-scale operations.

2. What is the advantage of having two filling heads?

Having two filling heads allows for simultaneous filling of two cans, effectively doubling the throughput and reducing production time compared to single-head fillers.

3. Is the manual beer can filler suitable for all can sizes?

Yes, the filler is equipped with adjustable height settings and can accommodate a variety of can sizes, providing flexibility for breweries that package their beer in different-sized cans.

4. How easy is it to adjust the filling speed and fill levels?

The filler is designed with easy-to-use lever controls, allowing brewers to adjust filling speeds and monitor fill levels with precision and ease.

5. Can the filler maintain beer quality and freshness during the filling process?

Yes, manual operation enables brewers to control the filling process more closely, minimizing oxygen exposure and preserving the quality and freshness of the beer.

6. Is the filler compatible with existing brewery setups?

Yes, the compact design of the filler makes it easy to integrate into existing brewery setups, providing microbreweries with a versatile packaging solution that complements their production workflow.

7. How does the manual beer can filler compare in terms of cost-effectiveness?

Manual fillers are typically more cost-effective than automated fillers, making them a suitable choice for small to medium-scale breweries looking to minimize upfront investment costs.

8. Does the filler require any special maintenance or cleaning procedures?

The filler is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and sanitizing, is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

9. Can the filler be operated by brewery staff of all experience levels?

Yes, the filler is designed with user-friendly lever controls, making it suitable for brewery staff of all experience levels to operate with minimal training.

10. How quickly can the filler be set up and ready for use?

The filler is equipped with quick connect fittings, facilitating easy setup and teardown, allowing brewers to switch between different canning runs quickly and efficiently.

For additional inquiries, product availability, or assistance in selecting the right filler for your microbrewery setup, please contact our sales team at Admin@senmobrew.com. We're here to help you streamline your canning operations and package your craft beer with precision and efficiency. Cheers to quality packaging and delicious beer!

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Name: Stephen        time:2023-02-14 14:22:16
Well,this small 2-head can filler is really a good product for us,we use this machine to fill carbon drinks,because we still in a small scale,so this manual can filler is just good for us.The filling process is stable and it can fully fill all of the cans.We have two types cans,33cl and 50cl,both them are filled well!

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