Microbrewery equipment

Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant

Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant
500L per batch
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Heating way
Steam heating or Electric tubes heating or Fire directly heating
Control way
Automatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
220V/380V or customized
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
5 years
Delivery time
60 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
If you are considering entering the brewing beer or craft beer industry. Whether it is investing in bars,breweries, restaurants, or small and medium-sized breweries, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the requirements for beer brewing technology and equipment technology configuration.Below is a detailed instruction on the 500L beer equipment.
Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant

Entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant


1. Crushing system in the entire 500L microbrewery beer equipment:

  • The malt crushing process should be completed within 30 minutes as soon as possible,

  • According to the capacity of brewhouse system is 500L, the required amount of malt is 100KG per month

Therefore, the malt crusher selects the 200-300Kg/h double-roller crusher


2.The brewhouse 500L 

  • Mash tun adopts the efficient dimple plate jacket heat exchange technology and the scientific steam turbulence principle to achieve the maximum heat conduction and energy saving effect. At the same time, the fully automatic temperature control technology is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the heating rate and the holding time at each stage of the saccharification process. The internationally advanced suspension speed control system is adopted, and the frequency conversion and automatic mixing mode are adopted to ensure the uniform mixing of mash in the saccharification process, which can maximize the best biological activity and conversion and catalytic effect of various enzymes in the saccharification process, thus ensuring the best quality and maximum yield of beer at the source. 

    The application of advanced internal boiling and pressurization technology can improve the boiling intensity, greatly increase the evaporation effect of dimethyl sulfur, promote the polymerization of protein and other condensable substances, and realize the rapid separation of boiled wort and polymer. The extracorporeal circulation mixing technology is adopted to accelerate the heating rate of wort at the initial stage of boiling, so that the wort will always keep the temperature uniform and consistent during the heating process, and prevent the denaturation of regional wort soluble substances caused by local overheating, thus ensuring the boiling quality of wort


  • The lauter tun of the entire 500L beer equipment adopts the advanced and scientific special-shaped plow construction system, which ensures that the tank is turned evenly and discharged smoothly, and also improves the filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintains the good transparency and juice yield of wort. The internationally advanced suspension and mixing device, combined with frequency conversion, speed regulation and automatic control technology, makes the operation more convenient and flexible, and the maintenance is simple and the cost is saved. The differential pressure natural filtration can effectively avoid the problems of cloudy wort, tight grains and caking caused by suction filtration (polyurethane thermal foam has the function of rapid suction filtration). The rotary sedimentation tank is designed according to the storage volume of wheat grains on the best unit filter area, which enlarges the diameter to height ratio of the tank body, reduces the sedimentation speed, promotes the sedimentation and condensation of the coagulates, and achieves the best separation. Equipped with thermal coagulant storage tank, it can improve wort yield and reduce environmental pollution

3. Heating system

Generally, steam generator and electric heating tube are used for heating

The electric heating tubes generally adopts multiple groups of arc heating pipes,Steam generators (electric steam generator, gas steam boiler and gas-fired boiler),also, the direct-fire heating brewhouse also popular in some south america countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, Chile...


4. Fermentation system and cooling system:

You can chose 500L fermenters or 1000L fermenters for the entire 500L beer equipment,it depends on the beer production capacity,the space area,the investment...

The following fittings are matched with the 500L fermenters:

  •  -Mechanical pressure regulating valve

  •  -Beer sample valve

  •  -Breath valve

  •  -Thermometer

  •  -Hops dosing port

  •  -Temperature sensor

  •  -Beer rotary pipe

  •  -Drain outlet

  •  -CIP ball and CIP arm

  •  -CO2 carbon stone

The connection of the fittings can be tri-clamp,diary couplers and other connection way you want.Meanwhile,if you need other fitings or port on the fermenters,you can tell us and we do the special design for you.


The refrigeration system of entire 500L craft beer equipment mainly includes:  wort is cooled to the inoculation temperature through plate heat exchanger. The other is the temperature control of fermentation tank,

  • Main composition: plate heat exchanger (used for saccharifying wort cooling): 5 m2 heat exchange area is generally used according to 500L wort volume

  • Refrigerator: generally 5HP

  • Fill 1000L of ice water. Ice water circulating pump and corresponding pipeline valves


5. Control system of the entire 500L beer equipment

At present, the control system of small beer equipment only adopts PLC control or PID instrument control

  • The instrument control system cannot realize the temperature rise in stages of mashing, but can only realize the start and stop of the motor and the temperature control of the fermentation tank,

  • PLC programming control is relatively more high-end, which can control the temperature in several stages, and the control is more intelligent.

If you want an accurate offer of the entire 500L beer equipment for microbrewery and restaurant,you can contact with our sales engineer,he can make an accuracte proposal and send you more details instructions on the equipment,beside of the quote,we can provide you with the following services:

  1. Sales consulting. SENMO provide fast, professional and detailed beer brewery equipment configuration list according to customer requirements.

  2. Brewery technical design. According to the concept of customization, put forward design suggestions, integrate customer requirements, issue beer brewing process flow diagrams,micro brewery floor plans,machinery, electrical and other drawings, draw 3D drawing, and provide one-to-one tracking services.

  3. Brewery equipment processing and manufacturing. Strictly implement the requirements of beer equipment design drawings, follow the IOS9001 quality management system, strictly control the quality of all links, and provide tanks test records of plates, welding, polishing, pressure, etc. for filing.

  4. Brewery plant delivery and installation. The professional brewery project construction team conducts on-site installation, commissioning and training to ensure accurate delivery for use and continuous tracking maintenance.

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Name: Jonathan        time:2023-02-14 11:23:23
We are a microbrewery located in France,we bought this kind of 500L beer equipment from SENMO company last year,we got lots of good suggestions of the brewery building from them before we order,now,the brewery equipment are in good condition.We are planning to buy more fermenters this year!

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