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Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter

Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter
100L per tank
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Outer tank:2mm Inner tank:3mm/4mm/5mm
Cooling way
Dimple jackets around wall and cone
Test pressure:0.4Mpa
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
35 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
It is 100l mini beer fermenter for home brewing,it have same function and structure as the big commercial beer fermenters.For the pilot brewing,it is also a good option.
Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter

For the passionate homebrewer seeking to elevate their craft to new heights, our 100L Mini Beer Fermenter stands as a beacon of innovation and quality. Here we will introduce our 100L mini beer fermenter for home brewing.

Home brewing 100L mini beer fermenter


Home brewing 100l beer brewing equipment

This is net volume 100l conical fermentation tank,it is mainly for home brewing or nano breweries,it also can be used as a pilot brewery system for some breweries which test the new beer recipes.

Regarding to the function and structure,it is as same as the bigger one such as 300L 500L 1000L fermenters.The whole tanks are double-wall with insulation,cooling jackets around the inner tank body and bottom cone.Inner tank thickness is 3mm,outer tank thickness is 2mm.

Our factory use laser cutting and argon shielded welding during the tanks' production, the internal of the tanks commonly do pickling and passivation, the surface accuracy ≤ 0.4 μ m;The fermenters and bright tank has polyurethane foam insulation,thickness is 80mm;There is dimple cooling jackets around the tank body and bottom cone,the test pressure is 0.4MPa; The working pressure of the tank is 0.15 MPa, and the test pressure is 0.4 MPa; Our factory do water pressure test to all of the fermenters and bright tanks,the test period is 48hours.The strictly test and inspection make sure the tanks inside,the dimple jackets and pipe ports has no leakage when the fermenters arrives in our clients' brewery.


The top manholes with breath valve on it.For the small volume tanks,below 500L,because of the short diameter,it can't open the manhole on the side. There is top quality Silicone gasket to provent the CO2 leaking from the tank. The safety valve use tri clamp connector,easy to operate.


The beer outlet is designed on the cone of the fermenter,also,the beer racking arm is rotary.


We use sanitary beer sample valve on each tank,it can connect with Pigtail tube to break the foam when you take beer sample from tank.


The CO2 charging device on the cone of the tanks. The following fittings are matched with the fermenters:

 -Mechanical pressure regulating valve

 -Beer sample valve

 -Breath valve


 -Hops dosing port

 -Temperature sensor

 -Beer rotary pipe

 -Drain outlet

 -CIP ball and CIP arm

 -CO2 carbon stone

The connection of the fittings can be tri-clamp,diary couplers and other connection way you want.Meanwhile,if you need other fitings or port on the fermenters,you can tell us and we do the special design for you.


The cooling pipes and insulation pipe behind of the tanks.

The cooling pipes+insulation pipes+wrapped tape+temperature sensor wire

A complete beer refrigeration system in the microbrewery including glycol water tank, cold water tank, chiller, pump and relevant pipelines. Below is detailed instruction on the cooling system:

  • Glycol water tank specification: 100L-30000L;The tank plates and accessories are made of international standard SUS304 stainless steel; Laser cutting and argon shielded welding, internal centralized pickling and passivation, accuracy ≤ 0.4 μ m; Polyurethane foam insulation;

  • Chiller specification: 1HP-50HP;

  • Cooling pipes material: PPR, stainless steel;

  • Cooling pipes thermal insulation materials: rubber plastic sponge, polyurethane, etc;

  • Exterior decoration of cooling pipes: colored binding tape, iron sheet, stainless steel, etc

The price of the home brewing 100L mini fermenter is different because of various configuration.If you want add extra beer fermenters inside of your brewery,please send us your requirements on it,such as the quantity of the fermenters,the fittings on the fermenters,your brewery layout drawings...our sales engineer can send you a formal 100l beer fermenter quote for reference.


1. What is the capacity of the 100L Mini Beer Fermenter?

The fermenter has a capacity of 100 liters, making it suitable for homebrewers who want to brew larger batches of beer.

2. How does the size of the fermenter impact home brewing?

The 100L capacity allows homebrewers to produce larger quantities of beer per batch, making it ideal for those who want to brew for personal consumption or share with friends and family.

3. What materials are used in the construction of the fermenter?

The fermenter is typically constructed from food-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and maintaining the integrity of the brew without imparting any unwanted flavors.

4. Does the fermenter come with temperature control features?

Yes, the fermenter is equipped with a temperature control system that allows homebrewers to maintain optimal fermentation conditions, ensuring consistent results.

5. How does the conical shape of the fermenter benefit the brewing process?

The conical shape facilitates the settling of yeast and other sediment at the bottom of the fermenter, resulting in clearer beer with enhanced flavor profiles.

6. Is the fermenter easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, cleaning the fermenter is straightforward due to its smooth surfaces and easy-to-access components. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that the equipment remains sanitary and ready for the next brew day.

7. Can the fermenter accommodate different brewing styles and recipes?

Yes, the 100L mini fermenter is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of brewing styles and recipes, allowing homebrewers to experiment and unleash their creativity.

8. How user-friendly is the interface of the fermenter?

The fermenter is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to control and monitor the fermentation process, even for those new to home brewing.

9. Is the fermenter suitable for beginners?

Yes, the 100L mini fermenter is suitable for beginners who are just starting their home brewing journey. Its compact size and user-friendly features make it accessible to brewers of all experience levels.

10. Can the fermenter be customized or upgraded?

We offer customization or upgrade options for the fermenter, allowing homebrewers to tailor the equipment to their specific needs and preferences.

11. What are the benefits of home brewing with a 100L mini fermenter?

Home brewing with a 100L fermenter offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, customization options, and the satisfaction of enjoying beer brewed from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

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Name: Dustin        time:2023-07-18 10:27:42
Great 100L mini beer fermenter for home brewing. So far the product seems pretty decent.

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