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Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun

Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Brewhouse heating way
Steam heating or Electric tubes heating or Fire directly heating
2500L per batch
Control way
Automatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
220V/380V or customized
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
60 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
This is an article introducing the purpose of the lauter tun inside of the whole beer brewing system.You will learn about the lauter process,the parameters of the vessel and the brewing technical through this instruction.

Microbrewery 2500L beer brewing system lauter tun


The purpose of the 2500L lauter tun inside of the beer brewing system

The function of the lauter tun is to separate wort and grains to obtain clear wort and obtain good extraction rate. The separation process is divided into two stages: original wort filtration and grains washing. The filtration operation is the key process that takes the longest time in the whole brewing process and affects the efficiency of the production line and product quality.

The whole filtration time is about 2~3 hours. The turbidity of wort filtration has a great impact on the quality of beer. If the wort is unclear, it will bring in a lot of easily oxidized substances, which will reduce the oxidation resistance of beer.

The filtration process needs to wash the spent grains, and the residual sugar in the lees is generally required to be 1.5-2.5p degree, otherwise, too small beer will have obvious astringency. Wort turbidity ≤ 20EBC.

For small craft beer equipment, the filter tank is mostly made of milled sieve plate, which can be disassembled and cleaned. The rotation speed of the plough blade is adjustable, which can form a good grain bed filter.


Key parameters of the 2500L lauter tun inside of the beer brewing system

The wort feeding port of the 2500L lauter tun is located at the bottom or side of the lauter tun, and the feeding speed should be less than 1.2m/s; The wort reflux port is located at the bottom or upper part of the tank, so the wort should not absorb oxygen and impact the lees layer during reflux; The wort collecting port is conical design, ≥ 1.2 pieces/m2, evenly distributed; The diameter and number of the drainage openings affect the drainage speed, and the design is to drain the wheat grains in the trough within 12 minutes; Filter function shall be available after the drain opening is closed. The wort collecting pipe is designed according to the principle of fluid mechanics, so that the wort can flow out in the same state in each collecting pipe; Screen plate: it is a machine milling screen plate. The screen plate hole is of ladder design, with a hole width of 0.7mm. After installation, the gap between the screen plates and between the screen plate and the tank is ≤ 0.7mm.

The cultivator blade is designed as a straight or cross shaped cultivator arm, which shall have rotation and lifting functions, and can be controlled continuously or in sections.


Nozzle type or central distribution cup type can be used for washing the grains, requiring large flow without impacting the grains layer.

The main shaft seal adopts high position seal, and the sealing surface is above the liquid level without leakage.

The liquid level control adopts the design of balance column (tank) or differential pressure to avoid the formation of slagging.


The total operation time shall be controlled within 180 min. The thickness of the lees layer is 220mm-400mm, meeting the needs of many varieties of fine brewing. Residual sugar from washing lees ≤ 2.5 ° P. Wort turbidity ≤ 20EBC.

In addition. There are generally two forms of filtration: suction filtration and natural filtration. If the high level difference cannot be formed, the natural filtration cannot be carried out. Generally, we will use the wort balance tank.


If you are considering entering the brewing beer or craft beer industry. Whether it is investing in bars,breweries, restaurants, or small and medium-sized breweries, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the requirements for beer brewing technology and equipment technology configuration. If you have any questions, please communicate with professionals and manufacturers in detail. Shandong SENMO Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional beer equipment manufactures, provides you with professional technical consultation in the early stage, and carries out equipment design, production, installation, commissioning and other services according to the requirements of beer brewing technology.

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We are from the UK, we have purchased a set of 2500L beer brewing system, and the beer output rate has reached our requirements. senmo is a really nice provider.

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