Microbrewery equipment

Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun

Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun
SUS304 or SUS316 or Copper outer
Brewhouse heating way
Steam heating or Electric tubes heating or Fire directly heating
2000L per batch
Control way
Automatic control or Semi-automatic control or Manually control
220V/380V or customized
5 years
Engineer overseas installation provided
Delivery time
60 working days
Main market
US,Canada,European countries,South-east Asia,Austrilia...
This is an instruction of the 2000L mash tun inside of the brewing system.You will know the purpose and some key parameters of the mash tun after reading it.If you want to know more about it,please send us inquiry.
Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun

Microbrewery brewing equipment 20hl 2000L mash tun 


The purpose of the 2000L mash tun inside of the beer brewing system

Mash - the process of converting starch into sugar

Purpose: To convert malt starch into fermentable sugar by using enzymes in malt (some enzyme preparations are also added). Yeast can only metabolize carbohydrate, and cannot directly use starch.

The mash process is critical. Through the adjustment of the saccharification process, you can adjust the wort composition, such as the fermentable sugar content, amino acid content, etc. The wort composition will directly affect the fermentation, beer style, taste, etc.

Mash process elements: mainly temperature and time. Different temperatures produce different amino acids and different sugars. Control the time at different temperatures to obtain the corresponding wort composition (sugar profile).

The residence time of mash in the mash tun is about 90 minutes, the general protein decomposition time is 30-40 minutes (amino acid profile), and the mash time is 40-50 minutes.

After mashing (through iodine detection - no purple color is produced, it means complete mashing), the mash is sent to the filter tank


Key parameters of the 2000L mash tun inside of the brewhouse

The process parameters require that the top space of the mash tun shall not be less than 20% of the full volume; Heating rate ≥ 1.0 ℃/min.


1. Material: food grade sus304 or sus316. The thickness of the plate is determined according to the size of the tun,common thickness is 3mm inner tank and 2mm outer tank


2. Thermal insulation: rock wool thermal insulation.The minimum thickness of the insulation layer is 80cm


3. Mixing: Large diameter low-speed mixing blades, suspension reducer and variable frequency control of mixing speed should be used for mixing to avoid turbulence on the liquid surface during mixing and reduce oxygen absorption of mash (upper mixing and lower mixing should be reasonably selected according to equipment requirements)


4. Heating area of the 2000L mash tun and heating method: The steam heating jackets make sure the heating steam enters the jacket evenly, and at the same time, it shall prevent the condensate from being discharged unobstructedly, forming a "water hammer" to damage the jacket. Therefore, the jackets shall be semicircular pipe type or dimple type, controlled by sections. The steam entering and condensing water leaving shall be multi-point in and out, with a little excessive heating intensity to ensure sufficient heating area, Select a good steam trap (The basic function of the steam trap is to discharge the cold condensed water and air in the steam system as soon as possible, and at the same time automatically prevent steam leakage to the maximum extent. During the process of mashing and boiling, the amount of condensed water is large. If the drainage capacity is not reached, the condensed water in the jacket will not come out, and then the steam cannot enter, the heating rate will not keep up, and finally the boiling strength will not be reached. Therefore, it is recommended that the drainage capacity of the steam trap is the maximum cold More than twice the condensate. In addition, a three-way gate valve is added in front of the drain valve to drain the condensed water in the pipe and jacket after each startup or cooling to prevent the formation of "water hammer" and damage to the equipment. For those who already have equipment, if they feel that the heating speed of the mash tun or wort kettle is getting slower and slower during use, and they hear the sound of water hitting during the heating process, they should consider the problem of steam trap)


5. Temperature control: It is better that the equipment is equipped with a directly readable thermometer. And choose different automatic temperature control devices according to their own economic strength (pneumatic angle seat valve temperature control, solenoid valve, etc.)


6. The structure (drawing) of the 2000L mash tun must have liquid level. The empty capacity is more than 20%. Select a reasonable taper according to the size of the equipment.


7. Cleaning: the inside of the tank body is smooth and clean without dead corners, especially the welding quality of the welding joint treatment, which is smooth and clean, and the selection of cleaning balls is reasonable


8. The steam jacket will produce a large amount of condensate, which can be completely recycled. It can be used as softened water of boiler (for equipment with large capacity, it is recommended to add pipeline steam condensate recovery system to save energy consumption of boiler)


9. The material pipeline design is reasonable. In the saccharification process, the material pipeline will be blocked, and a backwash pipe will be installed at this position.


If you are considering entering the brewing beer or craft beer industry. Whether it is investing in bars,breweries, restaurants, or small and medium-sized breweries, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the requirements for beer brewing technology and equipment technology configuration. If you have any questions, please communicate with professionals and manufacturers in detail. Shandong SENMO Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional beer equipment production service provider, provides you with professional technical consultation in the early stage, and carries out equipment design, production, installation, commissioning and other services according to the requirements of beer brewing technology.

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